Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Beetroot is BACK

Hello again!  No challenge to report on or anything, but thought I might do a quick update as it's been a while, and, you know, I've missed you.  I didn't get in to the studio much over the Summer, and ate chocolate and drank wine like it was going out of fashion (or as if I was on holiday, which, in fact, I was!), with the obvious result.  I haven't actually weighed myself because, hey, it's just a number, and also because knowing my weight would bore me to death, let alone anyone else reading this.  Anyway, the second-ever kids' class was taking place last weekend at Bikram Yoga Leicester, and as my three children were mega-excited to practise again, and my husband was planning to come with us for the first-ever time too, I thought I should get in beforehand so I didn't embarrass them (or myself!).

It hadn't been going too badly, apart from the slightly more-than-usual wobbling/falling over/balance fail that is the price for taking time off.  But, perversely, the day I choose to write this, I've just had my worst class ever.  The balance thing is frustrating, but today was something new - complete and utter lack of energy, to the point that I felt like I could fall asleep in there.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I did at one point, because I'd just decided that I really couldn't dredge up any ounce of energy for a second set of Full Locust (the aeroplane one) and the next thing I heard was the end of the second set of Floor Bow.  Bizarre.  The start of class actually felt like quite hard work, and as it went on I just had a rapid power-down.  This is unheard of for me, and I'm not happy about it, so hope it's a one-off!

On a more positive note, the kids class was brilliant!  I feel so proud when I see my children all trying really hard.  They love it, and so do I!

My other half also loved this gentle unheated introduction and was inspired to try the real thing yesterday, so took himself off to Harbinder's 5.30pm class!!!  Libby says when someone brings their partner along to class, it encourages respect for each other, and I have found this to be the case!  The problem now is that we will have to work out which classes we can each go to, and are currently in negotiations about who's allowed to do Friday 6.45am, although I'm currently in the front-running as he says he's not up to doing all that at that time in the morning yet.

I'd thought of some other things I was going to talk about in my recent classes, but given how tired I now am, and how ridiculously long this post now is, that's all for now.

More soon(ish) (probably)... xx