Friday, 1 February 2013

Class 20: Sounds MUCH Better Than 19!

Class 20: Friday 1st February 12.30pm, taught by Paul

I don't actually feel too bad about not getting to thirty this time - I think it helps knowing that I have done it before, and am sure I will again - but for this time, it really couldn't be helped, and twenty classes in thirty days is probably twenty more than most people have done ever.  Probably fifteen more than I do most months!  I think there will be a time in my life when I can do this much more often, but for now... 

Wasn't sure whether to go to BYL today or not, but I hadn't been in a week, and twenty feels like a much better achievement than nineteen, and, although I am in a complete panic about the first workshop I'm doing on Monday (well, I'm sort of panicking, and I'm also sort of thinking it could be completely fine, maybe even good - please let it be good), I just needed to go.  I knew it would sort my head out, and that's at least as important as all the planning I can do sometimes, I think.  Paul is so great.  He obviously thinks so carefully about each posture and always says so many things in his classes that I've never heard before.  Interesting and helpful.  Problem is, I go to a class and really enjoy it, and just want to go back again soon.  

Well done to everyone who managed thirty classes this challenge - you are brilliant, and thanks to all the fantastic teachers, who are consistently inspirational, and also to all the other students who are so supportive and lovely.  See you all in the torture pit again soon, I hope.

Night x

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