Sunday, 27 January 2013

Classes 18 & 19: Beetroot Bows Out

Class 18: Wednesday 23rd January 9.30am, taught by Rachel
Class 19: Friday 25th January 12.30pm, taught by Harbinder

Hello!  Sorry I've not posted anything since Monday.  Here's what's happened since:-

There's no easy way to break this to you, so I'm just going to come right out with it: I have fallen off the 30-day wagon.  Actually, I didn't fall, I jumped, because I had confirmation this week that some work I have coming up starts two weeks earlier than I thought it would, and I have totally loads of prep to do for it, have to source/make instruments, and then panic, prepare some more and calm down all in the space of a little week.  Bikram yoga may fit in with this plan at some point next week - and I can't really leave my total at nineteen classes.  Twenty (at least) would be forgivable, and perhaps even respectable!

I've loved taking part in the challenge so far, but for me it does mean life going on hold, which, at the moment, just cannot continue any longer!  At this stage I must also admit that on Tuesday (before I'd even found out about the new deadline), I did not go to class due to a need for clean bathrooms, and a supermarket visit being overdue, and there generally being a build up of "days when I least wanted to go" (to clarify this last bit, it was more the constant journeys through frozen rural Leicestershire, and the occasional driver insisting on driving too slowly on efficiently cleared roads that I was tired of rather than BYL, but, unfortunately, I don't get one without the other!), and, most unignorably, my inexplicable propensity to jeopardise my chances of success.

Anyway, I made it back in for Rachel's class on Wednesday, which was great, and then yesterday, after making quite a bit of headway with work, I went to Harbinder's 12.30pm class for a nice treat - which it mostly was, apart from a couple of moments of weird pulsating colour sensation early on (you know the feeling that precedes a migraine?), and then a hilarious exchange when Harbinder accidentally mistakenly thought that I wasn't giving Janushirasana my all, and saw fit to mention, causing Libby to lose all concentration on her own practice so that she spun around to shoot me a dismayed/accusing glance: luckily, one look at me was enough for her to see that that actually WAS my best effort!

So, thank you for all the support, readers of this blog and fellow 30-dayers.  I hope you don't feel let down, but this really is the only sensible course of action for me this time.  For those who have been completing the challenge vicariously through my adventures, I am afraid it is now up to you to take a few classes for me!  As for the additional challenges I'd set myself:  firstly, I must be brutally honest in my practice and inform you that my Standing Head to Knee has actually got WORSE!  Could it be one of those things (like the economy or poison ivy rash) that has to get worse before it gets better?  I'll let you know if I find out!  Also, some good news is that my nice coat fits again without my arms sticking out from my body at 45 degree angles like a pampas-grass-limbed snowman, although that stone of blubber is still mostly with me - I don't see it as much now, though - am hoping it has morphed into heavy muscles!  They're mine permanently now, right?  Without the need for any further effort?  Thought so.

I must say that although I am disappointed not to have seen it through to the end, I had no qualms about missing class this morning.  I always feel guilty about the weekend ones anyway, because they take me away from my family, but today I really enjoyed: having a normal-person shower, from which I did not emerge still sweating; drying my hair so that it resembled that of a normal self-respecting human being; wearing normal(-to-nice) clothes, as opposed to those that are so rubbish I don't mind them getting sweaty going back home after class; wearing make-up for the first time since Christmas!; and going to town with my family, shopping and eating pizza and CAAAAKE!  My daughter (wearing her just-bought gorgeous new boots) said this evening, "I wish I was just waking up this morning now, so we could have this whole day again!  It was so brilliant!".  And it really was.  Made me think that although I love Bikram yoga, to the point of obsession and addiction (sometimes!), life is a balancing act, and I do have to make sure it's the most important plates I keep spinning!

Will let you know how many more classes I manage to clock up next week!

Night xx

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