Friday, 4 January 2013

Class 1: Incongruous Juxtapositions

Class 1: Thursday 3rd January 6pm, taught by Hannah

So, two days ago I was standing in the kitchen finishing the last fifteen Mars Celebrations (I needed to throw the tin away) and idly wondering if I could justify spending the money, time and energy a 30-day challenge entails, when my middle child came in and, in affectionate greeting, slapped the sides of my waist.  "Bit chub, mummy" he laughed, when the wobbling had subsided.  Luckily, I was able to burn off the calories of almost one of those chocolates by chasing him around the house to 'congratulate' him on his hilarious joke.

Anyway, he has a point.  I have definitely chubbed up over the last six months.  I know because my nice coat is a bit too tight, and my jeans are getting a bit 'jeggingsy' (not good).  So, my determination is now set, and rather than just get through the next thirty days (and the blog), I'd quite like to lose a stone in the process.  Is that even possible?  We shall see...

So, class 1 of 30:  the thing I most like about Hannah's classes is the juxtaposition of her upbeat, high energy, happy delivery and the almost Tarantino-esque violence of her dialogue.  She says things like "take in one more breath until you feel as if your lungs will explode", "you should be hearing your heartbeat thudding in your ear right now", "shoulder blades/scapula bursting right out of your body", lots of "this should hurt", and "don't drink whilst people are killing themselves", all in the most carefree, happy voice. Ha!  It sort of reminds me of one of the things I love about The Smiths:  the darker and more angst-ridden Morrissey's lyrics, the more joyous and happy major key is Johnny Marr's jangly guitar playing.  The pairing of seemingly incongruous elements, which shouldn't work together, and yet do - know what I mean?

Anyways, first class back for a while, and a 6 o'clock one at that (which is hard because I had lunch at 12 and didn't want to eat again before dinner, which won't be until 9pm - did I mention I want to lose a stone?), so a good start really - got through it all, felt happier than I thought I would, and starting to feel like anything is possible...

Tomorrow x

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