Sunday, 6 January 2013

Class 4: Spontaneous Combustion

Class 4: Sunday 6th January 10am, taught by Nicky

Man, I am struggling big time with this 30 day challenge.  I'm not sure if aching is the right word for how my muscles (ALL of them) feel, as nothing actually hurts, it's more that they feel really tired and like they've worked hard and would quite like a rest now, please.  Perhaps I should listen and give tomorrow a miss.  During Pranayama breathing right at the very beginning of today's class, my arms felt too tired to keep them raised - I did though, because I don't think I've ever seen anybody give up during the first breathing exercise, it would just be too pathetic to even contemplate.  I did actually attempt everything, but didn't feel like I could stretch or reach or move quite as much as I know I can.

It was ridiculously busy, though, which makes it more draining because it's hotter.  And then I spent too much time being distracted by my new leggings, which I hate very much.  I've always worn kit made mostly of cotton, but I recently had cause to buy some running kit (definitely more about the running another time) and wondered if these dri-fit clothes with their wicking properties (whatever they might be) are what I should be wearing for Bikram yoga.  The problem is that I have a strong aversion to man-made fabrics.  I can get quite clammy and panicky (without being able to tell anyone about it, because I realise that it's an 'unusual' reaction) if I'm made aware of other people wearing man-made fibres in close proximity to me.  For example, if I was in a coffee shop and someone walked past me in a thick nylon/polyester adidas tracksuit and their sleeve brushed my arm or face, this would cause me to freak out quite massively on the inside - on the outside no-one would be aware, but I would definitely be extremely uncomfortable.  I'm not sure if this is normal or not.

I think I can trace this back to my 1970s childhood (you did know you were my therapist, right?  It's mostly why I bother writing this!).  When I was five/six, I usually slept in the lower bunk of bunk-beds, but quite often I wanted to sleep in the top bunk, because it seemed quite exciting and adventurous, and a bit like being on holiday.  The only problem was that the top bunk had nylon sheets on it.  Deep orange NYLON sheets.  Urghhh!  But sometimes I just tolerated them, because of the excitement and adventure and the holiday thing, but it's left a bit of a disgust of man-made fabrics.  And THAT is partly why I hate my new leggings.  I feel better for telling you already.

ALSO, when I rolled them up to put them in my bag to take to class this morning they crackled with static electricity.  This cannot be good.  This was replaying in my mind just before Eagle, because I thought about the hot, thick, 92% polyamide, electric leggings, and the packed, over-hot, humid room, and worried that when I twisted my legs like ropes there could be crackling and sparks and electricity and spontaneous combustion.  I imagined shooting up like a Roman Candle.  This is also putting me off the leggings.  I might have to get some different ones.

Tomorrow x


  1. Do your West Ham loving family not get a hug when they are in the replica kit?

    I love the compression vests/shorts for football. Some technology is a must for amateur sporting failures.

  2. Haha! Yes, you can imagine there is lots of that stuff in our house, Trev - and I am constantly picking it up and washing it and hanging it up and putting it away, and yes, even hugging it on occasion, but I do feel a little conflicted about it. I wasn't going to mention, but I make sure I touch other materials in between handling the man-made stuff!