Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Class 7: I miss you, Rachel Blunt!

Class 7: Wednesday 9th January 9.30am, taught by Rachel

To me, the funniest moment of today's class came when 'Man 2' (having just seen 'Man 1' forcibly manhandled until his forehead DID touch the floor in Standing Separate Leg Stretching, with the madly cheery assertion "you can join the circus now!") tried to assure Rachel that he did not require this or any other type of scary assistance by murmuring "I'm fine".  "Are you sure?" She walked determinedly towards him.  "NO.  I AM FINE!"  Hahahahaha.  

Rachel, we need you here more, please.  And I thought Sharan was coming back to teach us every month?  We'd like her back too, thank you.

Today's Rorschach ceiling blot was Pootle from The Flumps peering around a wall, with his hands behind his back.

Good class.  Wow, seven already, eh?

Tomorrow? x

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