Monday, 21 January 2013

Class 17: Sweat

Class 17: Monday 21st January 12.30pm, taught by Lascel

When I found out this morning that almost all the other schools in the area were closed today apart from the ones my children attend, I thought my kids would be feeling really left out and fed up they weren't at home too.  Turns out they actually had a really great fun day, and were even all taken over to the school playing field to have a massive play in the snow, so I needn't have felt guilty about taking myself off to BYL at all, but I'm really glad that the staff at our school are so conscientious and made the effort to get to work.

Glad to have made it in, anyway, and really enjoyed this class.  Getting quite accustomed to seeing the rivulets of sweat running down my forearm to my shoulder every day in Triangle posture  - although it is still quite bizarre.  I suppose it's one moment where you're doing nothing (apart from working every single muscle, tissue, nerve, joint, tendon, sinew and fibre in your entire body) but looking up at your own arm, and so you're suddenly really aware of the sweat.  It is the maddest thing, but I sort of like it (sometimes), especially when there's so much snow and ice about.

Night x  

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