Sunday, 20 January 2013

Class 16: Snow Days

Class 16: Sunday 20th January 10am, taught by Harbinder

I've had to miss class the last two days.  On Friday, I'd planned to go to the 12.30pm, but as the snow continued to fall steadily through the morning, the increasing likelihood of school phoning to ask me to collect my offspring was making driving to Leicester look like completely irresponsible parenting, even though I did think about it!  Turns out it was a good decision not to go, as the eldest needed to be collected at 2pm, although there were mixed views from the younger two about being collected early (2nd Son: "Oh yesss! The weekend starts NOW!" Daughter: "WHY did you have to pick me up now?!! We were just about to build a snowman!")  

My husband was stuck in Istanbul for another night as Heathrow wasn't coping with the extra time needed in between each flight landing.  The added disappointment of his absence was that my plan for getting to Saturday morning class was scuppered, and the children were really disappointed they couldn't do the kids class (which he was going to bring them to, to meet me after mine) but luckily he was on the train back home by then, so we just enjoyed all being at home and pretended it was Christmas again by eating chocolate and playing games.

So, two days enforced break from my challenge, and lots more snow forecast for today, so I took my chance with the break in the weather this morning to be in the most humid class I might ever have done.  I have missed it, and it was nice to be back, but there was so much sweat!

Wonder if we'll be back to normal tomorrow or not?  There's a lot of snow outside the window, and some of the teachers at eldest's school have quite long journeys, so may not be able to get in.  Hmmm.  The unknown.  In the scheme of things, I know it's not that important, but I'm trying to complete this challenge and am putting quite a lot of effort into doing just that, but at this point I have no idea whether I'll fall behind any more days due to the weather, or whether I'll be able to make up the ones I've missed, whether I should bother drinking some more water now in preparation for tomorrow and packing my bag, and ironing all the school uniforms, or whether we'll be barricaded in with the heating on and the jigsaw puzzle and treats out (would really like that, actually!).

Night x

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