Saturday, 12 January 2013

Class 10: Stay Focussed in the Front Mirror

Class 10: Saturday 12th January 10am, taught by Harbinder

Another busy Saturday class, and it's 1° outside, so the front mirrors gradually steamed up through the morning, creating a tableau of us trapped in a frozen wasteland - didn't feel frozen, though!  This morning's class was great - probably my best so far this challenge.  I can definitely feel improvements in my strength - which is helping me to hold postures for longer without wobbling over.  Eagle was quite good by my standards, although Standing Head to Knee was still rubbish, but I did quickly touch my head to my knee at the end just for a laugh - to see how it felt really, even though I'm not at that stage and, therefore, I was not honest in my practice; a total dishonest fraud, in fact, but every now and then's alright, isn't it?  Bit like reading the last page before you get to it to see what happens at the end. What a rubbish thing to do.  Impatient?  Moi?

Although the extra space we have the luxury of in the daytime classes is great, it's nice to practise when it's busier sometimes as the communal energy really helps you to push yourself more.  You do become more aware of other people closer to you, though, which can be many things, but when the person next to you blows their nose loudly and productively directly into their hands WITHOUT A TISSUE and then, sometime later, during Full Locust (the 747 one) they actually reach out and rest their wingtip on your towel, and even accidentally touch your aeroplane side (rows 15 - 16), well, you try to stay focussed, but you notice, don't you?  Good job I had my polyester and elastane top on.  Yeah, that'll teach ya!

Have a great weekend. x

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