Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Classes 5 & 6: Double Bubble

Class 5: Tuesday 8th January 9.30am, taught by Libby
Class 6: Tuesday 8th January 12.30pm, taught by Harbinder

Bet you thought I was having a nice rest yesterday?  Well, I was planning to make the late class last night, but ended up being needed at home, so I am hoping to make it up today with a double.  I'll just tell you about something that happened to me yesterday first though:  I remember the same thing happening to me last year, but it's so amazingly out of my gluttonous character that I'll have to share it.  Commiserating over yesterday being the last day of the holidays, we had lots of treats, but I had ... NONE of them!  There were lots of nice Lindt chocolates being passed around, but I just didn't need them, so I didn't have any.  That wasn't me being virtuous - I really can't deny myself anything, normally - I just didn't feel like eating chocolate.  Ha!  Weird.  Good weird.

As I write this, I've just completed the 9.30am class, taught by the lesser-spotted Libby.  I love Libby's classes (she pushes you, but I always feel happy and energised in them), but don't often get to be in them - hopefully I will get to a few more of hers during the challenge.  So, you'd think that after a day off I'd be feeling much more awake and ready to get back into it.  Hmmm.  I still felt pretty tired, but gave it all a good go, and could even start to feel that things were going better than the first few classes.  I was moaning to a fellow challenger on Saturday that I couldn't get my head onto my knees in the sit-ups any more, but today... I could!  Yay!

I feel like I've improved in quite a few postures since last January, such as Triangle, and I can balance for longer in Standing Bow now than I was previously able to, but, oddly, there are a few that I'm worse at!  For example, Standing Head to Knee.  I've never been good at it, but I can hardly kick forward at all now, and when I do, I can only hold it for moments.  What's that all about?  I'd really like to be able to make a better effort at that at the end of thirty days, but I might not!

Right, next!  Doubles are THE BEST!  Felt much better in the second class.  Makes me think that rather than feeling tired from doing too much yoga, maybe I wasn't doing enough!  In between the two classes some people thought it was odd that I would shower, get changed, go outside and then come back for the second class with a second bag of kit, put my mat on the other side of the room and treat it like a whole new day, but that seems the best way to me.  I also drank coconut water - that stuff works.  My mind felt a bit more alert, and I played Rorschach blot test with the ceiling during Savasana.  I was underneath the upside-down coffee cup ring stain and the embryonic stem cells - do you know where that is?  Harbs said her 'secwond backwand bend', which was nice, I don't always remember to listen out for it.

Rushed back, picked up the kids, and spent an hour and a half in the hot, humid swimming pool viewing area whilst they had their lessons.  It was like a third class!

Tomorrow, then? x

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