Thursday, 10 January 2013

Class 8: Get A Grip

Class 8: Thursday 10th January 12.30pm, taught by Nicky

You know when you wake up just brimming with energy and you zip through your to-do list so fast because you're super-organised and fabulous?  Well, I was the exact polar opposite of that this morning.  I felt cold and miserable and fed up and disorganised and like I did not want to go to yoga because it is taking over my life.  I've got a couple of projects happening next month, which I'm very excited about, but also completely terrified by, because I still have LOADS of planning and organising to do before I can just turn up and deliver them, and I'm getting a bit worried that my whole life will spiral out of control if I don't get a grip on it soon!

So, with all that ricocheting around my brain, I remembered that "the days you least want to practise are the days you need it the most", and took myself off to Bikram Yoga Leicester to avoid falling a day behind with my challenge and having another thing to beat myself up about.

I've really enjoyed Nicky's classes recently - she's so calm and in control.  And was I glad that I went?  Of course I was!  You saw that coming, didn't you?  I don't think I've ever left a Bikram class and not felt great afterwards, with everything a bit more in perspective.  You just turn up, get rid of all other thoughts and let the words take you over.  It is pretty amazing, and I am so glad there's a studio within travelling distance to me.  I am reminding myself to enjoy these thirty days, because they are a luxury and time out of life, and everything else will get done, because I will make sure that it does!

Tomorrow! x

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