Friday, 4 January 2013

Class 2: Exhausted Already

Class 2: Friday 4th January 6pm, taught by Nicky

6.45am classes are great because you walk in all full of smugness (before you even attempt the yoga!) for even having managed to haul yourself out of bed at that hour, and so does everyone else.  It was a fairly busy class this morning with lots of nice people I recognised (a few of them also doing the challenge) - you always meet great people at BYL - so there was lots of positive energy.

Immediately, it felt hot and like hard work, and as though the past couple of weeks spent eating brandy butter straight from the tub and lying down watching tv was not the best preparation for hardcore early morning hot sweaty yoga.  It seemed to be quite a struggle for most of us, but Nicky coaxed us through it with bucketloads of "well done, everybody"s, "don't worry if you're not there yet today - it will come"s, and "come on, you can do this"es, which helped greatly.

Only two days in and I'm actually feeling completely exhausted!  I have been awake since about 4.30am though, as I was subconsciously worrying about sleeping through the alarm.  Might have to get to bed a bit earlier tonight, and look forward to tomorrow's 10am class.

Finally, I couldn't post last night's blog until today, but was completely astounded when I logged in today to see that Beetroot Face has now clocked up over 3,000 hits.  Thanks so much for all the encouragement and lovely comments!

Night xx


  1. Best wishes for your challenge!

    I too have to find my way back into the hot room soon. I took a break because we had a house guest for a month who wanted to be entertained -- my mom ;)

  2. You should have taken her with you, Simmm! And, thank you!