Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Class 10: Super-me and Spleens

Class 10: Wednesday 20th June 9.30am, taught by Rachel

Had to give yesterday a miss as my youngest child was at home unwell. Much as I didn't want to feel frustrated at having my practice interrupted, I was a bit (what a great parent!).  That's horrible, isn't it?  Bikram has made me into a horrible person!  I was really nice before.  That is the thing that I find hardest about the 30-day challenge, actually, and what is preventing me from doing the whole thing this time.  It does mean putting yourself and what you want to do before everyone else and being a parent of three children who are 11, almost 9, and 7 means putting them before everything else.

I do have a story, however, of how Bikram helped me to be a super-human parent once!  Apologies to anyone who has already heard this one, but it is quite a good story (and completely true!).  A few months ago, we were just leaving judo after a long day to go home and have dinner, and my youngest was racing her brother across the playground.  She tripped whilst running at full speed, flew forwards through the air and landed with her head forced through the back gates of the school, two cast-iron railings either side of her neck, framing her face!  I ran straight to her, and with visions of the fire brigade I was going to have to call, and the hours we were going to be hanging around, and the state that she was going to get herself into, she let out a huge scream, and I grabbed one railing in each hand, sucked my stomache in and just wrenched the metal bars apart immediately, without even thinking about it.  Bizarrely, once she was out, I pushed them back together again too (thinking we might get into trouble!?).  It wasn't until we got home that I started thinking about what had just happened, and wondering if that really had just happened!  And what if her head had collided with one of those bars instead of exactly in the gap?  The next morning after I dropped the kids off, I went straight over to the railings and tried to pull them apart, and could barely move them at all!  Weird, eh?  During the classes leading up to that incident, Sharan had been telling us to push ourselves up with our fingertips, instead of our whole hands after - when is it, actually?  Is it after Cobra and Locust?  Think so.  Toe stand too. - anyway, that probably helped.  Amazing what you can do when you have the right incentive, isn't it?

So it was good to be back today.  I really enjoyed it, although there were a couple of moments later on in the class when I thought, "I'm not sure if I can do a second set.  I might sit this one out."  And then told myself not to be so pathetic and got on with it.  Getting through the class is sometimes more of a mental battle than a physical one, I think.  I suppose that's the thing I learned today.  Although Rachel taught me something specific, which I will now share with you: Bow Pose is really good for your spleen.  "Come on, Amanda" she said, "this one's really good for your spleen." I wasn't sure what or where my spleen is, or even what it does come to that, so I googled it for us all and can now report that the spleen is usually fist-shaped, purple and about four inches long.  Lovely.

Oh, that was a long one, wasn't it?  I bet you thought it'd never end!


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