Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Class 1: Half-Challenge Commence!

Day 1:  Friday 1st June 6.45am taught by Rachel

30-day challenge time again.  I have signed up for it even though I already know there's no way I can do thirty classes in the next thirty days.  I'm just aiming for as many as I can do in thirty days, and hoping that I can get to fifteen to complete half.  Although, even that might be a little ambitious!

Got off to the keenest of starts this morning, however, by putting the very first tick on the board for challengers to record their completed classes. Yes!  I think this makes me a winner already, doesn't it?  "A" winner, I said, not THE winner.  You're all winners too, okay?!

I've decided to try to be a bit more informative in as many of these posts as I can manage this time around, so I'll try to tell something I learned in every class.  This one's about food:  I woke up at 5.20am for this class, drank some water and coffee and ate a banana.  Several people have told me they couldn't drink coffee before yoga, but I think I need to wake up enough to get to class.  Anyway, I think it was the banana that made me feel a bit sick.  Not enough to stop me attempting any of the postures, but it just felt a bit heavy and uncomfortable.  After class, I did a quick straw poll of some of the more experienced students about how they prepare for 6.45am classes. (I know!!  Get me, all in investigative reporter mode and that.  It's like I've grown up since January or something!)  Anyways, some said they eat a big meal with protein and lots of vegetables late the night before and eat nothing in the morning.  Someone else mentioned eating an orange for breakfast as they are easier to digest than bananas.  Obviously it's going to be different for everyone, and what works for one person may not for another, but I like the sound of the last one and will try that next time!

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  1. My tried & tested food before the 5:45am's is organic cashew, almond and walnut butter. Dunno where you could get it in the UK. Failing that some good quality peanut butter. A few teaspoons with a glass of OJ is great. Green tea I find is better than coffee - still has natural caffeine for a kick start. Even very small pieces of cold meat - chicken or steak but only if you have an hour to spare before class. (I travel 30 mins to studio so it works!) Good luck! Can't wait to be back in the UK & do some more classes at BYL!