Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Class 12: Regular Fickle Limbo Policeman Hashtag

Class 12: Tuesday 26th June 12.30pm, taught by Nicky

At 11.15am this morning I'd almost resigned myself to missing today's class.  Almost.  I wasn't sure I would be free to go because the school might 'phone me if my youngest wasn't feeling well (it's just a virus, so no treatment to see it off, but she keeps feeling unwell and has had a few days off recently), and just found out yesterday that I can't do Wednesday morning because I'll be needed elsewhere.  That meant not completing fifteen classes in thirty days - aaarrrgghhh!  Failure.  But then I decided, "what's the worst that can happen? I'm going."  And, of course, it was fine.  The world kept turning without me and my absence from it whilst I escaped to my Bikram parallel universe was entirely unnoticed by all back in reality.  Yay!  

It had been four days since my last class, and it felt like hard work.  Even a few days off and it feels like every single posture needs a bit more effort compared to how it feels going on consecutive days.  That muscle memory that had been playing so nicely when I reminded it so regularly is just too fickle: it's only been four days, not four weeks, and suddenly it's giving me all "you want me to do WHAT?" attitude.  Forehead was nowhere near the floor in Standing Separate Leg Stretching. You were doing that for me at the end of last week.  Fickle!  Having said that, I did spend most of the class listening and doing and not thinking, and getting caught out (in a good way) by not anticipating the order of the postures so being surprised by which stage of the class we were at a few times.  Loved it, in other words.

Most regular (btw, I love it when they call us 'regular' students because it implies normal and usual, and that makes me feel like I belong!  Although 'regular' is a bit too American-fast-food-associated for it to warrant a place in my own heavy-rotation active vocabulary.  Anyway...) students have their usual spots where they always practise.  I think I quite deliberately choose different spots every time, because it makes me feel differently about how the practice feels each time, and the view of the room not always being the same, which I like.

So, no class for me again tomorrow :-(.  Doing half of this challenge is actually quite frustrating because I want to do it all, but I always knew I wouldn't be able to because of so many other things going on this month.   Hoping to get in on Thursday and double on Friday to take the total to fifteen, which would feel like a great achievement, considering.  Really hope I can do that, or my half-challenge just won't feel completed.  And then I'll just have to spend the rest of my life wandering around in uncompleted limbo.  And I don't want to do that.

Night. x

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