Friday, 15 June 2012

Class 7: Millimetre by millimetre

Class 7: Friday 15th June 12.30pm, taught by Nicky

Third day in a row!  Yay!  I suppose the point of only doing half of the thirty classes is that there could be a day off in between each one, although so far it's just been all (now) or nothing (half-term).  I'm really enjoying this all phase, makes me wish I could do the whole thirty days this time.  Even during this past week, I can feel small improvements.  A millimetre at a time, as Nicky said today.  I'm sure there've been a few millimetres improvement in Camel because I can just see the back of my mat now.  Cool!  I'd love to be really good at all of it!  Just got to keep clocking up those millimetres, I suppose, and will try my best to do just that!

Was a surprisingly small class today, but, even so, it seemed ridiculously hot.  I had thought that it was maybe because I'd put myself next to the big noisy heater thing, but Nicky reckons that's one of the coolest spots in the room.  Being there also stopped me hearing everything properly in the floor series, as though I was listening to Charlie Brown's teacher.  I really enjoyed the class, anyway.  In fact, I'm loving it at the moment, and want to get to as many classes as I can.  Doing Bikram yoga makes you feel good about yourself, it makes you happy, the teachers are great, and the students are great - thanks for coming to practise next to me today, Lara: that  communal energy and support really help.  I read Hannah said something similar on her blog yesterday.  She's doing the whole thirty days, and is extremely widely travelled, so if you haven't been reading about her adventures, I recommend that you do!

C'mon England!  What a win!!!  Night. x


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  1. Thank you for the recommendation!!! I'm going to clock what I see in camel next and start taking measurements - good idea!! Xxxx