Friday, 22 June 2012

Class 11: How much is enough?

Class 11: Friday 22nd June 9.30am, taught by Rachel

This is what I was thinking about today, and the thing I learned about myself today:  I don't ALWAYS try my hardest. I like to think that I do, and, in fits and starts, I sort of do, but not consistently through the whole ninety minutes.  I didn't do the very last part of my least favourite posture today.  That was a bit rubbish of me and, of course, if I'd really tried to, I could've done it.  Usually, I do attempt completely everything, and never sit anything out, but once you even enter into that conversation with yourself it's so easy just to let your lazy self talk you out of it, but at that exact moment I didn't like myself enough to do it.  I can still hear Rachel saying at the end of class "just be happy with yourself that you've tried your hardest for today", but did I?  I mean, if I really, really tried my absolute hardest, how far into the class would I get before collapsing?  Maybe I wouldn't collapse, and maybe I'd be really good at this now!

There was another posture too, where I suddenly caught myself not trying very hard at the end, and I thought "I used to put more effort into this, and now I don't try very hard because I can't do it and I'm not getting any better at it".  I'm not getting any better because I'm not trying very hard, of course.  I KNOW THAT!  So, here's what I've decided:  I will try harder and never give up and be better.  I only have four classes left too!  Although, I might try to do a double next Friday and see if I can do even more than the fifteen classes I'd challenged myself to in thirty days.  I love this!

Good afternoon! x 

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