Friday, 29 June 2012

Class 15: Breathe

Class 15: Friday 29th June 12.30pm, (yes, the same day!) taught by Libby

I was still feeling floored by the morning class when I walked into this one, but was also thinking that it would be good to have another opportunity to practise what I'd just learned (and what a luxury - TWO classes in one day!!!).  And this class was being taught by Libby.  I love Libby's classes, and haven't been in one for ages, so I was feeling positive about that too.  But I felt a bit shaky and unbalanced from the start.  It didn't actually stop me (I read something yesterday a conductor had said about a concert he had just given, when asked if it had gone well.  "Well, yes, in that the orchestra didn't stop halfway through the piece!").  It's about degrees of expectation really, isn't it?  I did it, but not BRILLIANTLY.

In Camel, I couldn't actually see the back of my mat at all.  I attempted everything, but none of it was my best.  But that was okay, because I did feel like I was dying, and to keep that stoically contained was an achievement - particularly when someone complained that they were cold, so the heat was turned up!!!  I really felt like having a hissy fit at that.  I actually thought for a moment, "right, well I'm just going to sulk then and not do it", and then I remembered that that would be mental.  Just in time, eh?  Phew.

So, I made it.  Fifteen classes in thirty days.  Half the challenge, but nothing half-hearted about it.  I do feel lucky to have been able to get to that many classes, because how I spend my time is not just about me.  I took my children to a one-off class for kids in Fulham a few months back.  The heat was off, but they practised the floor series, and completely loved it.  It's great that they have an understanding of this obsession of mine, and are all keen to come to proper classes when they're older.  I've just been scouring my computer for a photo of them doing their kids class, but can't find any. :-(  

Anyway, I've really enjoyed this challenge, and look forward to the next.  Thanks for reading, and supporting.  I love sharing this experience with all the other challengers and classmates, and with interested friends.  Thank you all.  When Libby said "Well done.  You've survived!" at the end of the class today, I thought "funny, that's just what I was thinking!"

Night x


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and LOVED it! I hope you come back to it soon and document your Bikram experiences :)

    You have a great sense of humor and I laughed out loud quite a few times at your dry and HILARIOUS delivery! Thank you :) and take care!

  2. Wow! What a lovely message - thank you so much. I actually went to a class today, and had so many thoughts racing through my head about it I thought I might write about it later. How funny that you sent me this on the same day!