Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Class 4: Rain, rain, thank you

Class 4: Monday 11th June 9.30am, taught by Rachel

The rain was pouring this morning, which meant that the kids could go straight in to school without waiting around in the playground, and I could go straight to class - which made me very happy, especially as I made it with a minute to spare!  This was the first time I'd practised on consecutive days in ages, and felt quite good during the class.  I was really busy rushing around for the rest of the day, though, and by the time I'd picked the children up from school I felt completely exhausted, to the point that I'd decided I'm not very well.  Aching shoulders (which I never suffer from), and have been feeling really tired all the time for a couple of weeks, but it suddenly feels much more intense.  Not sure whether more Bikram yoga is going to make this better or worse.  I'm never ill, usually. Can't make tomorrow anyway (as we're going to see "Horrible Histories", yay!), so will see how I am on Wednesday.  By the way, I love how you're often told on your way in, "just take it easy today", and then you get in there and it's all "push to your maximum depth, reach up, stretch up, pull continuously, no intermission, try harder, do SOMETHING" etc.!  Hahaha!

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