Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Class 5: And Relax

Class 5: Wednesday 13th June 9.30am, taught by Nicky

Feeling much better today, thanks for wondering.  Still quite tired, but didn't feel too bad during the class.  I'm not sure if it was my state of mind, or something in the atmosphere this morning (a few other people seemed to be struggling a bit), but my mind kept skipping so that I wasn't always sure which posture we'd just done, or what was coming next.  At one point I was thinking, "oh, it must be utkatasana soon.  I don't really like that" and then realised that we'd already done it ages ago!  Yippee!  It happened again a couple of times during the floor series.  There's something really relaxing (even though it's physically demanding) about not having to think, just listen and do.  Can't really think of anything else I do now which is really like that, where you don't have to make decisions and be fully mentally in charge, but can just be on cruise control.  I do like that feeling.  It reminded me of a couple of temp jobs I've done in the past doing tasks where you don't have to be mentally present, which I enjoyed in a perverse way, because I could just think about something else.  

I remember someone saying to me in January "you're doing yoga every day?  That must be so relaxing!", and feeling slightly offended, thinking "it's not rubbish yoga in a dusty village hall somewhere where you all have to hold hands or whatever they do" (not that I've ever done that in my life, or have any idea what I'm even talking about!), but the thing I learned today is that even though it's hard work, Bikram yoga can be really quite relaxing mentally.

I'm not sure if anyone else will relate to this, but I quite often find savasana slightly uncomfortable because my right arm doesn't want to lie flat down with my palm facing up.  It doesn't feel quite right, like it would feel more natural for it to face in, and I have to fight against it, like pulling magnets apart.  Left side feels fine.  Weird.

So, having done five classes, I'm a third of the way through my half-challenge, but almost half the way through the total available days for it.  Bit of catching up to do, but really grateful for all the classes I can do.  Feeling a bit addicted again.

Thanks for reading.  Night. x


  1. Awesome revelation! Yes the dialogue speaks to your body not your mind, that's why it's the same every time, there is no way out. That's how you get your 'meditation' because the teacher is thinking for you, you don't need to think, listen, meditate & just do. You are so in the zone, keep it up! :-)

  2. I'm rubbish in savasana too - weird how trying to relax can be so uncomfortable!

    1. Savasana is by far the most hardest and challenging posture in the series! I used to read meaningful passages out in the 2 minute savasana to students to help them turn off their monkey mind but recently I feel silence is more effective. It's quite magical to observe 30+ hot, sweaty, tired people laying still (ish) and just focusing on their breath.