Friday, 29 June 2012

Class 14: Getting Away With It

Class 14: Friday 29th June 9.30am, taught by Nora

Wow!  This was a tough class.  But I LOVED it!  Nora puts so much energy into it that there is no option but to try too hard and end up feeling like hell.  And that was just in Pranayama Breathing.  I'm not even joking.  Between the two sets, Nora demonstrated where your elbows should be, and when I tried again without letting my elbows drop down, and really looking back more, it felt weirdly like hard work!  It's just amazing how making fairly small changes can totally alter how a posture feels.

Lots of good information in this class, and the great thing about listening to a different teacher is hearing different things.  Or hearing the same things differently, I suppose.  In Camel, there was stopping in the usual place, but then, try to push more, and then stop, and try to push the hips forward more.  I could see more of my mat than I have in that one before, so that felt good.

Also, I loved Nora's description of curving the spine in Rabbit so that you look like a 'pissed off Halloween cat'!  I liked it because it made me think it was a good description for the thing that I most hate to see of myself in class, and that is when you turn your head to the right in between sets of floor series postures and can see yourself in the side mirror.  I wish that I could see myself with a flat, straight back, and I don't, and I hate that very much.

The heat seemed quite oppressive, maybe because of trying harder, or trying differently, but I definitely reached a point where I thought I wouldn't be able to do any more.  It's a bit scary to have that slight panic and to imagine that you're not going to be able to breathe normally, but I talked myself out of it without any drama, and suddenly started to feel okay again.  And then it makes me laugh to think of all this that goes on in your head, and no-one else knows anything about it if you don't actually stop!  Getting away with it, I think of it as!

One down, one to go! x

p.s.  Forgot to say, she called Triangle/Trikanasana 'kickyourassana', which I liked!

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