Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day 1: And so it begins ...

Tuesday 3rd January, 6pm class taught by Sharan

A couple of months after I started going to BYL, I remember really enjoying reading Flaming David's 30-day challenge blog.  If you're looking for an informed and educational description of Bikram yoga, you could do far worse than heading over to David's site.  Might as well read this one first, now that you're here though, eh?  I (might) try not to say too much; some days I might just write you a haiku.

Like David, I thought I would just discuss one posture each day (otherwise there will be too much to say!), but mine will be in a less considered and more haphazard order, perhaps in my order of ineptitude.  One posture I seem to be quite spectacularly rubbish at is Half Moon pose.  This surprises me, because it always appears that everyone else in the room finds this one quite easy, and, as it is only a warm-up posture, it should probably be one of the easiest.    My problem seems to be my inability to keep both hips in a straight line, and then the shoulders are not in a straight line either, and I try to make corrections in response to the dialogue, but I just seem to be completely twisted round, like a wrung-out towel.  Hmmm. In 30 days I will be good at this!  Maybe.

On a more positive note, although I found it pretty hard work tonight (think I'm never great at evening practice, and I felt a bit dehydrated - probably need to be drinking more throughout the day for later classes), I did attempt everything, and felt like I could do spinal twist quite well, which sort of ended it on a high, so...onwards and upwards.  Night. x

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