Thursday, 19 January 2012

Day 17: Order Is Restored

Thursday 19th January, 12.30pm class taught by Rachel

I am so glad to have made it back in today after yesterday's momentary aberration, and ... Rachel's back!  She said not to write anything bad about her!  Haha!  Actually, I can't even think of anything bad to say about Rachel.  She is an absolute force of nature with superhuman reserves of energy (there, that's not bad, is it?).  You know when you're talking to someone on the 'phone and you can tell that they're smiling?  Rachel always sounds like she's smiling, and the range of expression in her voice just saying the same words she says every class is incredible.  Somehow it's energising and encouraging, and she's doing something extremely clever with it that I don't understand - just quite ridiculously good at her job, really.
Have been so slack on these hitlist-of-my-inadequacy postures of late, so here's one now: Awkward Pose (Utkatasana).  Had forgotten that Rachel goes on about this tricep business:  I don't really know what triceps are, and I'm pretty sure I haven't got any.  There's been mention of your arms feeling lighter if you engage your triceps throughout this posture, and how are they ever going to improve if you don't, blah, something.  I do not experience this lightness of arms, so I clearly am not capable of this mysterious manoeuvre.  I will keep trying until I do, which will be within the next thirteen days for sure.  Oh, there's also constant moaning about not resting your hips on your heels.  I don't do that.  Much. 

A final thought of today's post is that one of the reasons I decided to keep this blog was to connect with some of the other people in the class, and to let other people I know know what it is that I keep going off to Leicester to do all the time.  I've been really touched by the feedback and encouragement I've received from so many people that I had no idea had even read it.  Thank you all - it really means a lot to me. Oh, and keep it coming, thank you. xx

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