Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 2: It's All Good...

Wednesday 4th January, 7.15pm class taught by Harbinder

Harbinder has such a pure, clear voice and speaks with such an even pace that I could quite easily have been hypnotised this evening had it not been for the sudden and frequent popping of the microphone sending 150 decibel shockwaves through the room and jolting me back into concentration.  An unorthodox but effective tactic, but one which could quickly lose its charm I'm thinking.  Great class, though, despite that!

I've decided to stall the next posture in my order of ineptitude until tomorrow, because I just don't think I've got the energy to moan just now, and because I've come out of that class feeling really positive - I was reminded afterwards of how many nice people you get to meet when you're doing the challenge, and how people talk to each other much more readily in the changing room when you have the challenge in common with each other, and the hilarious conversations you hear - it's just nice to feel part of something positive, isn't it?

Anyway, here's what I thought I would tell you about instead: when I first started Bikram, my balance was so bad that I could barely do any posture that involved standing on one leg for more than a fraction of a second.  Both yesterday and today I managed to hold both sets of Eagle for the whole time, so I think there have been big improvements.  

Around the time I came to my first class, I also learned to ride a bike for the first time in my life.  At forty.  I know!  Crazy!  Anyhow, it's something I thought I would never be able to do, because I thought I had an inability to balance - but that turned out to be incorrect, as proven to me by the brilliant woman who taught me to ride a bike in Abbey Park on my birthday (it was a surprise birthday present from my husband).  She was very glamourous and slightly terrified me that her long scarf was going to get caught in the front wheel in an Isadora Duncan-type catastrophe, but it didn't, and, somehow, between talking about films and music and books and her running alongside me holding onto the bike whilst I pedalled (yes, really, like I was 5!) whilst we both laughed our heads off, she let go when I didn't notice, and there I was, riding a bike.  A man and his dog stopped to watch us for a while and asked us if we were alright, and what we were trying to do, to which my instructor replied, "She's in the Tour de France next year.  We're training", and we laughed some more.  Anyway, what's the point of all that?  Well, don't impose limitations on yourself, I suppose.  You can do anything you set your mind to with the right guidance and some self-belief.  Oh, and I can balance, apparently.  Night. x

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