Sunday, 29 January 2012

Day 27: Only 3 Days To Go!

Sunday 29th January, 10am class taught by Nicky

I'm really not sure how to feel about only having three days left.  I'm feeling completely exhausted tonight, but still enjoying the 30 day challenge.  I suppose I just don't want it to end, although I also need it to.  Of course I'll keep going, just not every day.  Will have to make an effort to get in a bit more often than I had been before the challenge, though (still waiting to hear about that job - they need another two weeks to sort through applications as they've been overwhelmed, apparently!)  

I've been quite overwhelmed by all the great encouraging messages I've had from friends who've seen Rachel's photos of me in class.  (I think there are some more photos, so I'll hopefully add them soon).  Lots of my friends who've never been to Bikram have been really impressed by it, and by me (!) which is lovely, but also strange because I always think about how much further I've got to go, and how I would like to be able to do it better.  Hard to see your own progress objectively sometimes, I think.  I always want to do everything in my life better, not just this.  I suppose that's the point of life, to always try your best, to try to be your best, whatever that may be.

My work sometimes involves taiko (Japanese drumming), and I'm quite often struck (ha!) by many parallels with yoga.  This quote seems apt: "(Taiko) is a long road, but progress on a long road can be measured in small steps."  One thing I often say when I'm telling people about taiko, is that it's about doing simple things well.  I should try to keep that in mind more about the yoga, I think, because I'm often lazy about doing the simple things well, like getting back out of postures, for example.  I think I could do that better.

I could say more, but I could have said less.  Night x

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