Sunday, 15 January 2012

Day 13: A Slight Edge

Sunday 15th January, 5pm class taught by Harbinder

There are certain nights that are worth the hangover, and there are certain brilliant, hilarious friends who just make life so much fun that they make you into a better version of yourself.  I have some amazing people in my life, some that are related to me, and some that circumstance and choice have hooked me up with.  I feel really blessed to have them all.

Had wondered vaguely at some point about getting in for 10am class this morning, but following a good friend's 40th birthday party last night, it wasn't happening.  Also, the children were so good this morning, that I just decided we needed to go to the cinema straight away, so we went to see 'War Horse', which we'd read together during the Summer.  My eldest reminded me after the film of how we'd had to have little breaks when we were reading the book because we were all crying so much (I am a very emotional person!).  The film was great, even with Anthony Worrall Thompson playing the French grandfather (didn't show him nicking any cheese, though, mostly jam-making.  Random.).  

Yoga, then:  woke up this morning with a sort of pinching at the base of my spine.  Weirdly, this happened when I did the 30 day challenge last year, got worse over a couple of days, and then got completely better all at once.  It's not too annoying, but didn't feel right to do the sit-ups, so I didn't.  Did everything else though, and mostly seemed to help.  I'm not actually worried about it at all, because I think that things started to get better after this blip last time, and wonder if it's some kind of readjustment 'thing', as osteopathic surgeons undoubtedly call it.  Thought I was going to end up having to do a double in the morning, but don't need to now I'm still on track after all (did I mention I am hardcore?).  Feel strangely good, all things considered.  And lucky, too.

Night. x

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