Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 14: Ouch

Monday 16th January, 9.30am class taught by Nicky

9.30am. Arrived just by the skin of my teeth today, which is never ideal, but much better than not getting in at all - just have to do some classes at 9.30 if I'm going to do one every day.  Actually, I hate being late, and I think it just looks as though you couldn't be bothered to leave enough time, and that you don't respect the teachers or the other people in the class by not turning up on time, which is certainly not the case.  It also makes the journey much more stressful.

My back is slightly worse today, but I'm still thinking it's actually something positive happening!  It's not too much of a problem, really, except for carrying heavy stuff round the supermarket on my way home was a bit painful.  Still couldn't attempt the sit-ups, and didn't kick forward in Standing Head to Knee, but the only postures where it seemed to be a bit of a problem were Balancing Stick and getting forward into Half Tortoise.  Still, not going to worry about it!

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