Friday, 13 January 2012

Day 11: Being Better

Friday 13th January, 12.30pm class taught by Libby

This is my third attempt at writing this - have lost it twice.  So just don't expect it to be funny today, because I am losing the will to live right now.

I often feel, in Libby's classes, as if she is willing everyone to excel and exceed their expectations through the sheer strength of her own conviction and belief in Bikram Yoga.  How brilliant to be so passionate about something, and to care about other people so much as to want them to feel the benefits that you yourself have felt.  That is a fantastic thing.  Also, Libby notices everything: I'm not sure that is such a fantastic thing.  And she is always very generous with the number of corrections directed specifically to ME!  So, so, very generous, in fact.  It's tempting to think that this is because I am not very good, and Libby has noticed.  Well, I refute your facile theory.  I think I get so many, many corrections because I take direction so well, actually.  Yes, that must be it.  Actually, I do really like it, because quite often I know what I'm doing isn't quite right, but I don't know why it isn't.  You see, Libby KNOWS that.  Also, sometimes I forget where I am.  I think Libby also knows that.

Right, don't think I've moaned about any postures I'm rubbish at for a couple of days, so I'll just mention one now.  Last year, I could touch my forehead to the floor during standing separate leg stretching, but now a vast gaping chasm separates us (my head and the floor, that is.  Yes, I think I was just talking to the floor!).  Hurry up and improve please, I'm getting a little tired of this 'learning patience' lark.  *Drums fingers on biscuit tin and thinks "Oh, why am I not better in all ways than I presently am?"*.  Hmmm....

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