Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day 9: Communication Skills

Wednesday 11th January, 9.37am class taught by Sharan

I was so glad to be in Sharan's class today, not only because I was far too close to missing it completely by not being able to negotiate the London Rd single lane nightmare, bus lane restrictions (Michael Winner apparently once said, 'do you know, it's only fifty quid to drive in the bus lane? Bargain!'), and final crawl of the last two roads behind a milk float with it's indicator permanently stuck on left, even though he kept turning right, right in front of me(!), but also because Sharan is a completely fantastic teacher.  She has something really specific to say to help every single person in the class, and it never gets in the way of the flow of the dialogue, and that's a pretty good skill to have, I reckon!  Also, her voice is a mixture of perfect calm and hilarious fast speech patterns.  I have no idea if that means anything to anyone but me, because I think about sound too much, but it sounds a bit like when a really good friend is telling you something very funny and the words come out in short quick bursts - most of what we communicate is not in the words themselves, is it?  Makes people happy to listen to that energy, I think, and that's got to be a good thing.  Makes me happy to listen to it, anyway!

Another good/weird thing:  went to get some chocolate yesterday, and saw an apple instead and didn't feel like the chocolate any more.  I AM VOLUNTARILY EATING HEALTHY FOOD! Nice.

Tomorrow, then. x

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