Monday, 23 January 2012

Day 21: iTunes and My Olympic Bid

Monday 23rd January, 10.15am class taught by Bikram (via iTunes!)

Well, the good news this morning was that I was back home from Leicester for 10.15am.  The bad news, therefore, was that once again I missed that 9.30am class.  I didn't just feel bad for me missing the class today, but my children had been so good and helpful all morning, making sure we got to school early and saying I could abandon them in the playground, and still those blinkin' roadworks foiled me.  The best I could make of it was to not fall another day behind, but turn the heating up, put some more clothes on and practise along with Bikram on iTunes.  He is very funny, and he says 'sweetheart' a lot - I think he meant me!  

Of course it wasn't the same, but better than not doing it at all today.  I've already decided I can't put us all through the journey again on Wednesday, so I'm going to have two doubles to fit in to complete the challenge.  Hoping to do one on Friday (6.45am and 9.30am - yippeee!) as my husband will be here and can do the school run, and will have to work out what I can do for the final few days.

So, are we supposed to have signed up for the Olympics already?  I'm assuming there's a clipboard and a sheet of names going around the country, although I haven't seen it yet.  I was thinking of putting my name down for Modern Pentathlon if that's alright with everyone else?  In fairness, I haven't actually done any of those events (yet), but I have looked it up, and I'd be prepared to give them all a go.  I see the athletes have to ride 'unfamiliar' horses over 12 show-jumping obstacles - I don't actually know any horses at all, so I'd be alright there.  I was a bit put off by the running bit, but it is interspersed with stopping to shoot three sets of five electronic targets, so I could probably get my breath back then.  Didn't it used to be cross-country skiing in between the shooting?  Also, no wrestling :-(  Maybe they'd let me swap the swimming for wrestling?  And fencing always looks fun, although, again, I've never tried.  I know the sword thing is called an epee.  That's useful in crosswords, often.  And they're electronic, so a bit like laserquest, but with epees.  The Ukrainians probably have a good team.  Several (well, 14) of the readers of this blog are in the Ukraine, I wondered if they were attracted by the 'beetroot', perhaps looking for a recipe for borscht?

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's class.  12.30s I like! x

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