Sunday, 1 January 2012

What ARE you going on about?

This is my first-ever blog, and it is about my second-ever Bikram Yoga 30-day challenge, which I'm hoping to begin on Tuesday, just two days from now, practising one class every single day for 30 days.
To be honest, you're unlikely to learn much about Bikram yoga here (although who knows how it'll turn out): I'm probably more likely to tell you about something funny I've seen on my way home from class, or what I had for breakfast, or what I thought about as I fell over in standing head to knee, but here goes...

By the way, for any uninitiated amongst you who've stumbled across this page, Bikram yoga is a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises practised in 43 degrees of sweaty heat for 90 minutes.  That's what the 'beetroot face' thing is about, because that's what I look like before I've even reached the end of the warm-up series.  Yes, the photo is of me. Holding a beetroot.  So, please wish me luck, if you care to - with the challenge and the blog - there are so many reasons why I might not manage 30 days of either, but I will do my best, and we shall see...

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