Monday, 2 January 2012

One day to go to the beginning...

So, day 2 of the blog, and the yoga starts tomorrow.  Can't fault the relentless dedication so far, eh?  Thought I'd use this post to fill in a bit of the backstory.  The challenge will take place at Bikram Yoga Leicester  Their website is full of all the science and practicality that you were never going to find here, so definitely worth a look if you're thinking of trying it out.

I went to my first class in March 2010, just before my 40th birthday, having not done any type of deliberate on-purpose exercise for almost ten years.  There are so many hilarious accounts out there of others' first-time Bikram experiences, that I'm not even going to attempt to describe it, but suffice to say I was hooked from the start.  Having three children, and living 45 minutes drive from the studio, it's never easy to get in; I always wish I could attend more regularly, but, you know, there's life and it tends to get in the way (not moaning, by the way - I LOVE my life, just need more hours in a day).  That does have the effect of making me think how lucky I am to be there, however, and has always made me try harder because I'm thinking, "well if I'm going to sit down or not even try to do it all, then what was the point of rushing all the way here?!", so I do always try to do the best I can, but you quickly realise that every day in there IS different, and you just do whatever you can do today.  Ha!  That makes me sound like I accept the frustration of not being as good at a posture as I know I can be with some kind of calm.  Well, maybe I am learning patience at last!

I did my first 30-day challenge a year ago, felt loads of improvements and even lost about 10lbs, most of which has stayed away.  So, I'm really looking forward to this, and will let you know what happens next...

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