Friday, 27 January 2012

Day 25: A Very, Very Sweaty Patchwork Family

Friday 27th January, 6.45am class taught by Rachel AND 9.30am class taught by Rachel

I was going to say something about yoga yesterday, but what with all the excitement of espionage and parking, I completely forgot.  It was this: I've been really aware of feeling very unsymmetrical in the past few classes, for example in Half Tortoise I can stretch back and just about touch my left heel, but not the right.  Also in Cobra I just don't feel like I'm in a straight line, if that makes sense.  I put down my mat in a straight line at the start, but by the end of the class it is about 45 degrees to the mirror - I'm even messing up the alignment of my mat!  Only five days to get it right, too - or the rest of my life, I suppose!  Quite like deadlines, otherwise I'd never get anything done.  But this doesn't work like that, does it?  Patience!  Yeah, keep forgetting!

So, today, then:  I'm sure it's not supposed to be this much fun, so I can only assume that I'm still a bit delirious and dehydrated because I thought both classes were an absolute blast from start to finish (oh, apart from Janushirasana, which is instantly like a big, dark raincloud descending and puts me in the worst mood - entirely out of character, I'm usually a really happy person, but it just totally drains all mental and physical energy from my body.  Am happy again as soon as it's over!  Really weird.  Hate it.)

The second class was (I think) the third birthday celebration class I've been in during the past week.  Balloons and sparkly confetti and extra postures-a-go-go!  Absolutely hilarious!  There are so many genuinely lovely people at BYL it kind of feels like a great big, supportive, encouraging, crazy, very, very, sweaty patchwork family.  How could anyone not love being part of this?!

Also, Rachel very kindly took lots of photos of me in the second class, even though I said 'don't take one of that!' and 'delete it!', and other such ungracious miserable comments, and here they are.  (The purple sparkly thing on my shoulder was a prize, I think!  Also, might need to turn down beetroot contrast controls to not damage your screens and/or retinas!):

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