Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day 24: Synchronicity

Thursday 26th January, 12.30pm class taught by Libby

The towel that was on my mat today is at least fifteen years old and came from Boots, a relatively unlikely place to buy a towel, I'd have thought.  So WHY would anyone have the same towel as me?  Why WOULD he?  Well, if it's some kind of espionage briefcase-swapping type thing and he thinks one of them has a secret microchip sewn into it, he can just forget it.  We are NEVER going to swap towels.  Put Libby right off her stride, it did.  'Synchronicity' she called it, probably thinking that would be today's title.  Well, she was right about that.  I did once go for tests at GCHQ because I'm quite good at code-breaking and that (obviously not that good, though, because I didn't get the job, maybe just because it was not my destiny!).  Anyway, I didn't even have that towel with me when I went there, so how did you even know about that, spy man???  No swapping: I've got my peripheral vision on you.  The rest of my vision is fully focussed on me in the front mirror at all times.

Check this out:

I am just like a parking ninja or something!  You could just about fit a piece of paper between my blue car and the two in front and behind outside the studio today.  This comes from my optimistic outlook:  "I can fit in that space", "I can lock my knee", "I will not fall over".  30-Day Challenge: Q.E.D.  Sadly enough, after I took this photo, I got back into the car and straightened the front wheels, just incase you were wondering.  Parking ninja.

And how great was that demonstration of what a locked-out knee should look like today?  Thanks, Libby.

Double tomorrow to hopefully get me back on track to complete thirty classes by Wednesday.  Just as well, because one class was not enough for me today.  I might ONLY do doubles from now on.  Or I might be joking.  Looking forward to them, though!

Tomorrow, then! x

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  1. Yes, the car does need to be washed. I will do that, and many other things, when these 30 days are up.