Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Day 23: Thank You, Maria!

Wednesday 25th January, 9.30am class taught by Rachel

Even leaving at 8.30am (thanks to my lovely friend Maria, who I dropped the kids off with this morning) only just got me to class in time today -  have to find another route for 9.30s, I think.  It's a shame, because that class would be great for me even after the challenge is over (if only I could get to it!).  I even went to the supermarket on the way home!  I quite often do that when I can because it makes me feel less guilty if I get another job done at the same time, and I don't even think twice about the wet hair and beetroot face because I can't see them, so I imagine I look normal.  Actually, this 'just pretend everything is normal' technique is the way I get through most days.  I imagine most people do, do they?

Last year, I was quite convinced that the 30 day challenge was directly responsible for all sorts of positive happenings in my life, such as job offers.  This year, two very short-term offers have already come my way during the challenge, but there is one application in particular that I've been waiting to hear back about, because I was hoping it could be something quite important for me.  Interviews/jumping-through-hoop-exercises are happening next week and I still haven't heard anything yet, so I just emailed them to check if there was any news, and had the following cryptic enigma back: "We are sending a correspondence out in the next couple of days explaining next steps.  You should hear from us shortly.  Thanks."  What do you think?  'Explaining next steps' seems to suggest there are more steps to be taken than merely 'sorry, no'. No?  C'mon 30-day challenge, pull it out of the bag for me again, you know you can!!!

Speaking of which, 30-day challenge:  yeah, that, still doing it.  Still great, you know.  Life, eh?  It's all happening! x

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