Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 26: Hahahahahahahaha

Saturday 28th January, 10am class taught by Sharan

Sometimes I find it really hard not to laugh.  I know I'm old enough not to be so weak-minded and to just be able to control myself and behave properly.  I did try to stifle it as much as possible (and hope I succeeded, pretty much), but I think I was still feeling a bit delirious from Bikram overdose. I do try to talk myself out of it (the manic laughing, that is) when it happens, but I usually lose; the laughing me is too strong, and the serious me doesn't try hard enough.   If I tell you now what I was laughing at, it doesn't even seem funny, but here it is:  I saw someone near me had one of those little bar towels (you know the really little ones you see on the bar in pubs?)  Well, it just seemed so bizarre and incongruous that I couldn't help but laugh.  It made me think of whole lists of useless things you could bring into class with you, and of kids who used to bring those ugly little gonk doll things into their 'O' level exams in the '80s.  But mostly it made me think about bar towels.  That's all.  I said you wouldn't find it funny.

Really liked this class.  Laughing's good, means you're happy.

Night x

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