Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 3: The Trick Is To Keep Breathing...

Thursday 5th January, 7.45pm class taught by Nicky

Next in my top 26 of postures-I-am-not-very-good-at-yet is floor bow.  This is one of the postures you can see yourself doing in the mirror (en route to looking up and seeing your own feet appearing over the top of your head, of course).  Some people look AMAZING doing this.  Here is a photo of someone who is not me looking amazing doing this.

I, however, have never felt less symmetrical than when I accidentally catch sight of myself doing floor bow.  My legs are at different levels, and it just looks so pathetic that there have been classes where I just stopped and joined in at the next posture as I just couldn't bear to see it.  More recently, I seem to have got over the self-loathing at that stage in the class, and, although it doesn't look any better, I just try to kick really hard, and the lower back stretch makes me feel better about the whole thing, so I don't worry too much about it.  Again, this will be fantastic in 27 days time.  Obviously. 

Another good class, though.  Really enjoyed it, AND am feeling quite ridiculously excited by the prospect of tomorrow's 6.45am class.  It's very soon now, must sleep.  Night x

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