Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 7: Zzzzzz...

Monday 9th January, 9.30am class taught by Nicky

My body felt tired today.  I tried as hard as I could, and got through it, but there are just some days when you just can't do as much.  My balance was a bit off, sometimes because I was trying to make sure my feet were in the right place, like not rolling into the arch of my foot in Eagle, and it takes a bit of getting used to.  Was trying to try in the right way!  Still felt happy when I came out, though.  Always find it amazing how Bikram does that for you - you roll up your mat, have your shower, and by the time you stop sweating you just feel calm and warm and relaxed and happy and glad that you came. 

My friend Jenny wrote a really nice positive list of lots of the great things about Bikram yoga yesterday, so I'll just link to that and say, 'yeah, what she said' for today.  Oh, except for the hair - that bit doesn't really happen for me :-( 

Tomorrow's class will be better, and tomorrow's post will include music and Babanzele Pygmy Chanting.  Yes, for real.  Catch you tomorrow. x

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