Saturday, 14 January 2012

Day 12: Just Get On With It

Saturday 14th January, 10am class taught by Libby

Day 12, and I'm feeling really happy that I've been able to get in every day so far.  I did take time to appreciate that as I walked back to the car after class, on such a beautiful sunny day too.  It does feel like a real luxury being able to just take time out of my life every single day, especially at weekends when it means abandoning my family, but they're all being really supportive, and the fact that football was cancelled today due to a frozen pitch also helped!

Seem to be getting through most of the class with no problems at the moment, except for one huge, fat stumbling block: Head to Knee and Stretching Pose (Janushirasana and Paschimotthanasana).  This is my fault, because this is the one point of the class I have not been trying very hard at all.  It's quite near the end, and I'm usually so tired by then that I just haven't put much effort into this.  To be honest, I mostly just close my eyes and rest my head on my bent-up knee and don't stretch anything at all.  Realised today that if I worked harder at this it would probably help with Standing Head to Knee, because it's sort of the same but sitting down, isn't it?  Anyway, tried harder second set after Libby noticed that I was giving up at this stage yet again, and I will make an effort to make more of an effort with this for the rest of the challenge.  Promise.

Was great to have another class with Libby today, some nice imagery ('bending like ears of corn', and 'dive-bombing into a cup of water' were particularly memorable) to help us get through it.  I also enjoyed the description of the posture to help alleviate back pain and to prevent future back pain.  It made me think if they made a sequel to 'Minority Report', the Tom Cruise film where he prevents future crime, they could do a yoga version where they prevent future injury.  Yeah, the concept may need some work, it was just one of those things that sometimes flies into your mind whilst you're trying to empty it.  Thoughts, yes, those are the things I mean.  

See yas x

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