Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 6: It's The Gravitational Law. That's Why.

Sunday 8th January, 10am class taught by Nicky

Left home this morning feeling quite good, and muscles maybe slightly less achey than of late, but found this class the hardest so far.  It did feel really warm in there today (yes, I know that's the point, but some days it's definitely hotter than others, and today was hot), and it was busy.  By the time we got to full locust, I felt like I didn't have any energy left and had to dig deep to get through it all.  During the next sit-up I had my eyes closed (I do know that's illegal, thank you for asking), and then felt completely disorientated because we were facing the opposite way than I had pictured in my mind.  Weird.

One posture (although it's not one of my worst, if I do say so myself) where I quite often feel this disorientated, discombobulated effect is Rabbit.  I quite like this one, but there's something about my head being upside-down like that with my forehead on my knees that makes me not have a clue what to do if I'm told to lift my shoulders to the ceiling.  It makes me realise that I don't actually know which way is up any more and I sometimes think (just for an instant) that it could be possible for me to just fall off the world at this point.  But there is gravity of course.  I KNOW that.  I tell myself that.  And breathe.  I have to say that this slightly out-of-control disorientation is not an entirely unpleasant feeling, it's slightly like being drunk, I think.  Hannah always says something about 'Japanese ham sandwich' in this posture.  What can this mean?  

Anyway, struggled on.  Like you do.  Because I am hardcore. ;-)

Another enjoyable bonus of this challenge is listening to whatever I want to listen to on the radio as I drive to and from Leicester.  There's some great stuff on the radio on Sundays: just on the way home, I learned some excellent facts about bizarre laws in Illinois, such as: it is illegal to catch a fish in Illinois whilst sitting on the neck of a giraffe,  and it is forbidden to eat in a place which is on fire.  It's good that their laws are clear about these things, because sometimes you just don't know what to do for the best, do you?!  Also, spiders' blood is colourless.

It appears that there are people actually reading these posts (up to 226 views so far, not counting me!).  Wow! Thank you for caring!  And I hope you all have a superhumanly energetic day. x


  1. You're right it was a tough class today but worth it!

  2. Ah.. a Radio 4 listener :-)

    1. Haha! Yes! Did you hear that too then, Paula?