Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 15: Halfway Point

Tuesday 17th January, 12.30pm class taught by Nicky

Quite ridiculously, the 'phone rang this morning just before 7am; I jumped out of bed to answer it, and aaaaarggggghhhh, my back!!!!  Could barely get down the stairs, it was so painful.  Really, really excellent things must be happening to my spine, I'm sure of it!  This can ONLY be positive, right?  Ha, yes I'm still quite convinced that it's all good, and bizarrely, am feeling very, very happy right now!  Don't exactly know why, but I'm sure it's to do with this challenge.  I'm just really enjoying it, and looking forward to getting in for tomorrow's class already - although it's another 9.30am: traffic, please play nicely.

Halfway through now; have lost precisely no weight whatsoever, facial obesity shows no signs of abating, but my muscles are definitely feeling stronger, and they're currently feeling quite tired, in that relaxed, warm kind of way that only people who've just done fifteen consecutive days of sweaty yoga can understand and deserve:  if that's not you, then I'm sorry but I can provide no fuller description because you just haven't earned it!

Didn't quite know how class would go today, but my back didn't feel too bad once I got in there.  Still steering clear of the sit-ups and getting into postures in a bit more of a careful bent-knees manner, but apart from that felt fine.  In fact, better than fine.  Felt like my brain was completely unengaged and just listened to the words and seemed to be all on auto-pilot.  Flew by, actually.  Nice.

Right, shall I tell you a quick story about my evil superpower I once discovered in a Bikram yoga class?  So, having spent my first LOADS of classes not wanting to see myself in the mirror (I've NEVER liked looking in the mirror), I then realised that it would be really quite useful if I could force myself to see what I was doing wrong in order to try to do it less wrong.  Okay, so one day this guy arrived late, as in after we on-time people had already started, and he put his mat down immediately in front of me so that I couldn't see in the front mirror AT ALL any more.  Yes, I have been late for class before, but I hope I don't block anybody else's view (if I do, just, you know, breathe in an 'irregular' way, and I'll know what you mean, and move).  Yeah, so, we did the first couple of postures and I felt a bit annoyed, and stared at the back of his head (really, just very momentarily, for less than a couple of seconds), and he just swayed and sat straight down, and stayed sitting down for the whole of the rest of the class.  True story.  

Also, I was once told off in the changing room for having been in the front row, because, actually, I need to be a good role model if I'm going to stand in the front row and not, like, smile or laugh, or whatever, and not take it seriously enough.  Hmmm.  I accidentally did the stare at her too, and I've never seen her again, and would not be at all surprised if that stare had actually killed her.

Night. x

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