Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day 16: Today Does Not Deserve A Title

Wednesday 18th January

Missed it.  Even though I rushed all morning making breakfasts, organising everyone, drinking water, packing lunches, persuading my daughter that she would be fine if I ran off and abandoned her in the line with her friends just before the bell, drinking water, reminding someone to please brush their teeth, brushing hair and doing bunches, shouting at everyone for the third time to 'put your coats and shoes on NOW', drinking water, driving to school,  finding a parking space, walking them through the gates, drinking water, talking to the school office from the car because eldest son had forgotten to tell me that there was a letter to sign so that he could go to the library with the rest of his class, drinking water, worrying about him, panicking about being late and why is there even more traffic than last week, drinking water, and driving (just a little bit) in the bus lane. 

Sometimes it's just not meant to be, I suppose.  At first I thought that now it's broken I'll just give up.  Drama Queen.  I probably won't give up.  Don't think I can risk trying to get to any more 9.30s though.  It worked last year, but there are roadworks in a different place to last year's roadworks, and they seem to be more disruptive (only to me, though, I'm told).  The problem is, that when I am on my own (like now), I can only do the during school hours classes, because there's no-one else here over the age of ten in the evening or before school.  Can I even still make it to fifteen more classes?  AND my back is still sore.  AND I could have really done with being in that class today.  AND I came home and typed this instead of crying - thanks for listening.


  1. Don't give up Amanda! See you later. Karen xx

  2. Oh, thanks, Karen! Am really pleased I came back today! xx