Thursday, 12 January 2012

Day 10: Stillness

Thursday 12th January, 12.30pm class taught by Nicky

Day 10 done: feels like a modest-sized landmark.  If this challenge is going to fall into three sections, like a pregnancy, I'm hoping the next trimester is the full-of-energy and glowing health one, because that's what I'm expecting (and neeeeed!) from tomorrow, please.  To be honest, I felt pretty exhausted today, like it's all starting to catch up a bit and the tiredness is now having a cumulative effect.  

I always like it when Nicky tells us to work on stillness in Savasana - to be fair, I have been working on stillness most of my life, on and off. 

In other news, we have some pretty mild weather for January at the moment: 10 or 11 degrees and sunny all week, and yet I feel cold now all the time I'm not in the studio.  What's that all about?!

That is all. x

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